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Nudo Rosa, 1967-Lucio Fontana 
Anonymous: Your work is amazing. Do you have an art only blog?

thank you! 

no i dont :c its all mixed in with stuff i reblog, but it’s all tagged under “talimor art”


Charles Harlan, Ishtar 
"The Gate of Ishtar I have built with blue glazed bricks for Marduk, my Lord…Marduk, my lord…Marduk, sublime Lord, …eternal life …grant as a gift."
KARMA, New York, 2014
56 pages 
edition of 500
50 of which are clothbound, signed and numbered
9 x 8.3 inches (22.86 x 21.08 cm)
$25 Purchase

Michael Lee, Home of Ivy Hodge (Ronan Point #18 – 90) / Housing Committee of the London Borough of Newham / London, UK / 1968 (Exploded, Partially Collapsed) – 1986 / 1:50, No. 2, from the serie Dwelling, 2013